CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC (Computerized Numeral Control) Plasma cutting is a high speed, highly precise way of cutting metals, also its known for precision, efficiency and versatility. Our “mechanized” cutting machines are enabled with cutting 2D shapes from sheet metal using a high temperature, high velocity stream of ionized gas. Eliminating complicated adjustments our computer-operated cutting system has accurate motions in all the directions of cutting such that there are no variations on the measurements. Computerized cutting machine converts the CAD designs into highly accurate smooth, straight, consistent edge quality, and precise part dimensions. AutoCAD system integration allows us to cut metal parts and designs with precision. Our state-of-the-art machines includes hypertherm controller. We use a maxpro 200 power source with a rated cut capacity of 50mm thickness. Our skilled professionals diligently follow all design specifications that best fits your company’s unique needs. Our professionals are well trained and experienced with CNC Controller operation, plasma operation and cutting quality issues.

Over this time we have developed exceptional skills and expertise in cutting materials. Our superior workmanship, on-time deliveries and personalized service makes us a preferred partner for large industries.

Using Our CNC Plasma Cutting Machine we can cut below material types:
Mild Steel
Stainless steel